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4 Ways to Create a Powerful “Cause Marketing Machine”

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The Evidence:

Cause marketing has proven, beyond a doubt, to be an effective way to support marketing and public relations campaigns. However, marketers must understand that cause marketing is a tactic that is only effective as part of a well oiled strategy. In order to create a successful marriage between brand and cause; companies must take measures to ensure that their cause marketing strategy makes sense for their business.

BMW, Visa, Aspirin, Wendy’s, Evian, American Express, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Chevron, Microsoft, U.S. Cellular, Yahoo! and EBay are just a few cause marketers who have seen the benefits of integrating a cause into their strategy. These companies know that an effective cause marketing initiative can help support a strong brand story, while significantly and measurably increasing a company’s bottom-line. The evidence supporting cause marketing is clear.

According to Cone’s 2010 Cause Evolution Study:

  • 83% of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they use would support a cause.
  • 80% of consumers are willing to switch from one brand to a comparable brand, if the comparable brand is associated with a good cause.
  • 61% of consumers are willing to try a new brand that they have never heard of, if it is associated with a cause.


Facebook, Google & Yahoo Fight “Do-Not-Track” Bill

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Online ad revenue giants Google, Facebook and Yahoo have teamed up to lock horns with the nation’s furthest reaching “do-not-track” legislation yet. If the bill’s opposition fails, the new legislation will take effect by July 1, 2012, limiting California-based company’s ability to track, collect or store online consumer data.

California state senator Alan Lowenthal’s new bill proposes that Internet companies provide the opportunity for all users to easily opt-out of any consumer-info tracking activity. The bill includes a mandated “do-not-track” button, that would allow consumers to “cover” certain personal information, including but not limited to; demographic and geographic info, IP address, contact info and government identification numbers. Once the consumers opt to cover this information companies would no longer be able to use any of the related…

Can McDonald’s Save Ronald’s Rep?

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This week McDonald’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Skinner said that Ronald McDonald would remain as the chain’s mascot, despite calls from health care professionals and investors to dump the clown as a spokesman.

Over 600 health care professionals and doctors have come together to support a national ad campaign to disband the company’s 48-year-old companion. Among the anti-Ronald campaign supporters are notable organizations such as American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Organization of Corporate Accountability. These demonstrators have already funded a print ad, defaming the clown as an advocate of child obesity and unhealthy living. The ad is now published in Chicago, Boston, New York, Minneapolis, Baltimore, and San Francisco newspapers.